Baden Powell Park Scout Group was formed in 1991. It resulted from the amalgamation of 3rd and 9th Frankston Scout Groups (both of whom operated out of our present-day hall).  The merger was recommended by the then District Commissioner for Frankston, Don Barker, who perceived that a "Super Group" – with one Committee and one Group Council - would prove more efficient.

Jessica Berry, former Group Leader 3rd Frankston, suggested the name 1st Baden Powell Park. Permission to use this name was sought from the Victorian Branch of the Scout Association. On December 5, 1990 Branch approval was given and the group was advised as follows: the Chief Commissioner “has no objection to the name chosen for your new ‘merged’ group and you have approval to proceed with ordering the name tapes and group flag”.  The letter expressed “Best wishes to 1st Baden Powell Park for the future”.

1st Baden Powell Park was launched on Sunday, February 3, 1991. More than 250 parents, friends and Scouts participated in proceedings which were held in the reserve adjacent to the hall.  Formalities commenced with a parade and flag break. The District Commissioner, Don Barker, delivered an official welcome followed by short addresses from the Mayor of Frankston, Cllr. David Lee and the MHR for Dunkley, Frank Ford.  The latter presented the group with an Australian flag. The Frankston Standard, February 19, 1991, quotes Assistant Group Leader, Claire Black as saying “We believe we are the second group in the world to be named after the great Baden Powell.”

bpp scarf

Baden Powell Park Scout Group proudly carries the name of the movement’s founder, Lord Robert Baden Powell, who visited this area in 1934-35 for the first Pan-Pacific Scout Jamboree. Baden Powell Drive, Baden Powell Reserve and Jamboree Avenue in Frankston South all commemorate his visit.

For more information about the 1934-35 Jamboree, which attracted 12,000 people from around the world, click on the AJ 1935 badge on this website.

The group’s scarf had previously been worn by the Narringalling Venturer unit – a combined unit serving 3rd and 9th Frankston and 1st Mt. Eliza. The scarf’s base colour, maroon, was the traditional Venturer/Senior Scout colour. The red and green edging tapes represented respectively the 3rd and 9th Frankston groups (one colour from each of the old scarves).  In 2011 a group badge was designed through a competition for all youth members. The winning design, by Queen's Scout Sian Beadle, was then approved to be added to the back of the scarf in 2012.

The ribbon colours on our scarf have now become reminders of how our members behave with courage (red) and kindness (green) always.

During 2003, Baden Powell Park Scout Group merged with 1st Mt Eliza Sea Scouts. In doing so, it took over running of the Canadian Bay Beach Hall, from where it now operates its water activities program.

In 2008 the Scout Association allowed 1st Baden Powell Park Scout Group to officially drop the ‘1st’ from its title, hence the name is now simply ‘Baden Powell Park Scout Group’.

In 2016 the group celebrated its Silver Jubilee. A special edition woggle badge (shown in photo above) was given to every member.

In 2019, Scouts australia changed its logo. Consequesntly, the BPP badge was updated to reflect this.

Baden Powell Park Scout Group is one of Victoria’s largest Scout group, with over 200 youth and adult members. It forms part of Frankston District Scouts and is part of the Bays Region of Scouts Australia.


BPP Group Leaders Past & Present 2019 BPP Badge

Max Whitehead   Feb 1991 to Sept 1998

Philip Simpson     Oct 1998 to Jan 2001

John De Wijn        Feb 2001 to Dec 2005

Peter Lee              Jan 2006 to Jun 2006

Tim Bracher         Jul 2006 to Feb 2013

Mike Beadle         Mar 2013 to present