Thorpe Cub Pack

Tuesday 24th November

Market Night @ Humphries Road Hall

Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm


Web Word

Win a Freddo Frog!! -

Each week you must answer the question to win the prize

Answers on paper with your name - Put it in the box under the flag.






Camping Gear - A Guide 'To buy or Not to buy'

Hi Parents,

Please read through attached letter before you buy any camping equipment for the cubs.

Your Leaders

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Thorpe Tips for Parents!

Hi Mums and Dads,

*** Please encourage Cubs to check the website weekly for the WEBWORD.  This will also give you a chance to check for any info you may have missed via email. We will do our best to post any emails we send out onto our website, usually as first article.

*** The Cub den gets a bit crazy on Tuesday nights but our aim is to give your child a fantastic Scouting experience so if you don't get an opportunity to speak to us then, about any issues you may have, please don't hesitate to ring/sms a Leader during the week. (Contact Nos are on bottom of program).

*** When we meet at the Beach Hall in Summer terms remember to pack a bag with bathers, towel and beach shoes. Hopefully there'll be a chance for a swim.

Yours in Cubbing!

 AKELA & Thorpe Leaders

Knots, Knots, Knots

Hi Cubs,

Here is a great web site to help guide you as you tackle each knot required for your boomerang badge work.

If you have any troubles with a particular knot, come & see one of your leaders.

Happy Knotting!!!

Pack Council for Sixers & Seconds

To all Sixers & Seconds!!         

You have been specially chosen for this important role in our Pack & we feel sure you will be great leaders.

One of the privileges of holding this position means you are invited to our Pack Council which is held once a term.

At Pack Council you

learn more about Grand Howl & Flag etiquette

- get tips on how to be a good leader

- contribute ideas to our Pack program

- share a meal with each other & your Leaders

The following Cubs currentlly hold these positions -

BROWN SIX        6  James            2   Will M

BLACK SIX          6                        2   Luca

RED  SIX             6    Gabe            2   Oscar B

GREY SIX           6   Gemma          2   Huxley


Your Thorpe Leaders             

Cub Fun on Holidays


How about making up your own tongue twister & try it out on your family or friends.  Here are some fun examples.


  1. Hairy Henry Hartley hurried home. 

  2. Seven silky skunks sighed sadly. 

  3. On Tuesday, Timmy told two tall tales to Tommy. 

  4. Fast Frank fries frankfurters and french fries. 

  5. Slippery snakes slide swiftly down ski slopes.


Thorpe Talk


School Holiday Fun!

          What's your thing??   


          Did you know? .......                 

 Your YELLOW book is full of great ideas to fill those days when not much is happening!

         Go to page 62 and put a mark next to all the badges that might interest you.

          Come on...there's got to be a couple that jump out at you!

 For the outdoorsy Cubs, how about collecting some leaves, seeds, shells or rocks, see page 122 for Naturalist badge.

Love reading?  List the last few books you've read, visit the library ... visit page 114 ... Literature badge

Feeling creative? Page 67 or 116 will give you some ideas – create a cartoon character; make a collage of interesting papers, photos or magazine pictures; visit an art gallery.  Or, make a mask or a soap carving  ... Art & Design, Masks & Sculpture

Sporty Cubs – turn to page 134, easy peasy.

The World Friendship badge is a good one. You could start up a scrapbook, see page 143.


Ask if you can use the computer and send us leaders an email with some smiley faces and create a document following instructions on page 109 ….   You guessed it – IT badge!

                                                      *** HAVE SOME FUN, AND EARN YOURSELF A BADGE ***


Thorpe Photos - Click on pic for more

Thorpe Calendar

Thorpe Helpful Bits

Weekly Meetings  7pm - 8.30pm on Tuesdays 



Narelle Hartshorn, Sally Cooper, Jakob De Coninck, Amanda Dowdle and Guy Morton - Assisted by Lola Murchie, Cameron McAdam, Lorraine Maison and Livvy Grant.



Narelle Hartshorn  0412 696 369 



What does it cost?   Please click here to see current fees.


Where do the badges go?  Click here for the Cubs Badge Layout


Cubs Activities


We go on fun camps all over the state,

including Cuboree,


with over 2500 other Cubs.


We play fun games, learn new activities,

and make new friends.


and how could we forget to mention

all the exciting craft activities.

Construction Badges

and you get to earn badges for

doing it all.


On my honour
I promise to do my best
To be true to my spiritual beliefs
To contribute to my community and our world 
To help other people
And to the live by the Scout Law 



Be respectful

Do what is right

Believe in myself

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