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Welcome to Term 2 Hunters

Hi Hunters,

Firstly I would like to say a HUGE WELL DONE to everyone who participated last week in our Hunters Got Talent.  It was a great night, and we have some very talented scouts in our group.  Don't forget that many of you can use these talents towards Proficiency badges.


This week Hayden is leading us on a virtual Navigation Night on zoom.


7pm for Troop Council (PL's and APL's)

7.15pm for Scouts to join us.

 Join Zoom Meeting with password sent out in email.

 We will be back in the halls as of 3rd term, so if anyone has any term ideas, please let us know.  It is your scout group, so you are all able to contribute ideas for night plannings.

See you tomorrow night.

Hunters Leaders.


BADEN POWELL PARK GROUP CHALLENGES are running all term and can be completed at any stage.  These are all listed on the BPP web page under 'Useful Info':
They are also all listed on the BPP public facebook page
SCOUT MINECRAFT SERVER - running all of term 2

Email - Any email sent by a Leader will include a second Leader to keep everything transparent. If you email Hunters@ or Hunters@ replies that automatically copies in Donna and Russ.
Online Scout meetings are to be attended in full uniform please.

TERM 2 - 2020 
Friday 12th - Sunday 14th - Bays Youth Forum

TERM 3 - 2020 
Saturday 18th - Survival Camp training day for 13y/o + scouts
Friday 24th - Sunday 26th - Survival Camp for 13y/o + scouts
Saturday 1st - Fantastic Race - Mt Dandenong
Friday 21st - Sunday 23rd - District Leadership course for 13y/o + scouts
Friday 11th - Sunday 13th     Cohen Shield Camp at Bay Park

 TERM 4 - 2020 
Friday 16th - Sunday 18th     JOTA/JOTI at Bay Park
Friday 20th - Sunday 22ND     GILWEROO at Bay Park

 TERM 1 - 2021 
28th Dec 2020 - 10th Jan 2021 - Oz Venture - For Venturer Scouts aged 14-18 years

3rd - 9th     BAY JAM at Bay Park  Bay Jam is a week-long camp based at Bay Park Mt Martha Jam-Packed with Activities!!!!

TERM 1 - 2022
FileDescriptionFile sizeDownloadsCreated
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EFT Payments for Hunters

Bank account for Hunters Camps.   PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A NEW ACCOUNT AS OF 29 MAY 2017.

Bendigo Bank -BPP Hunters Troop - BSB: 633-000   Account number: 160021911    Reference your child and event.

Please note BPP Group account is a separate account where the yearly group fees are paid .

Hunters Patrols


HUNTERS EMAIL ADDRESS:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Russ:     0432 539 171         
Donna:  0428 587 162 

Please remember that we do have full time jobs outside of scouts, so please phone if it is urgent or important, but maybe an email would be sufficient and we can answer in our own time. 
Both Russ and Donna read all emails sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

HUNTERS FACEBOOK - Hunters Scout Troop - or
This will only be used for camp photos.  NOT general communication between the members.
If you need to ask the leaders a question, please email or phone on the above contact details
This is a closed group, so just ask to join, and we will accept you.
What are you waiting for - join up now and see what your kids are doing on camps. 

- You can also keep up to date with what is happening at Baden Powell Park via the group facebook page.:

PARENTS - You are welcome to join us on any night, help out and see what we do at scouts. 
Scouts is a great way to spend time with your children in a fun way. 
ALSO Please speak to Russ if you are interested in becoming a parent helper, or better yet, a scout leader.

Our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles etc have some interesting jobs and hobbies that may be of interest to the scouts, which we could include in our program.  It can be a full night, or part of a night, we can always incorporate it into something else.  A tour of your work place or incorporated into our badge work.  If you have something to share, please let us know.


When you joined Scouting, you made a promise – or took an oath, if you like – to do your best, do your duty to your God, the Queen of Australia, and/or your spiritual beliefs, help other people and live by the Scout Laws.
When conducting yourself at scouts, and out in the wider community, we ask you to consider just one thing. And that’s your Scout promise; the promise that you made to yourself and to your troop. That promise is a powerful thing. We all made it too. Keeping or breaking it is entirely a choice that each of us makes, every day.  We hope that as you go through life, that you choose wisely.  Not just for that scout event, or even for your troop, but for yourself - the best self that you can be.

 Hunters Troop Code




Hunters Photos - Click on pic for more

Hunters Calendar

Hunters Helpful bits

Weekly Meetings  7pm to 9pm on Thursdays 



Russ Lockyer, Donna Smith, Chris Lewis, Adam Ford, Amanda Grills, Estelle Bode and Em Cannon, assisted by Clancy Newton, Liam Allars and Tyler Smith.



Russ Lockyer  0432 539 171  



What does it cost?    Please click here to see current fees.


Where do the badges go?   Click here for Scouts Badge Layout.

Hunters Patrols

Scouts Activities

Both of our Scout troops have very busy programs of activities which include games and activities like pioneering skills, swimming, canoeing, climbing, ice skating, cooking competitions and archery. Also we usually have two or three weekend camps every term. These include activities such as rock climbing, water skiing, hiking, snow camp, mountain biking, surfing, canoeing, survival skills, rogaining and various competition camps.

Our trained leaders help the Scouts to learn the skills needed to achieve a series of badges and to become leaders within the Scout troop. The badge award scheme gives our Scouts a knowledge of basic Scouting skills and marks achievements in areas such as citizenship, campcraft, air and water activities and improving the environment.


On my honour
I promise to do my best
To be true to my spiritual beliefs
To contribute to my community and our world 
To help other people
And to the live by the Scout Law 



Be respectful

Do what is right

Believe in myself

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