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Venturer Courses - Part of your Queens Scout Award

Some of the sections of the award scheme can be completed by attending courses - some just for a day, others for a weekend.

These are a great opportunity to have fun with your mates while doing part of your Venturer Award or Queens Scout.

Check out those that are coming up that may interest you ......

See the VicScouts website for course dates

Check out the dates and download the forms to apply .... /Courses and Visits

Venturing gives you a bonus for VCE

Did you know that by completing your Venturer Award Badge you can complete a Cert 2 in Leadership Support and Business?
It really would not involve doing much more than attending Venturers activities - Much of what we will be doing this year will contribute to the Venturer level award.
There is also a more detailed slideshow on the vicscouts website ....
Furthermore - The completion of the Queen's Scout Award can give you an additional 4 points on your ATAR score. This could make the difference when it comes to getting the Uni choice you want.
Please let me know if you are interested as there is a registration process to complete at the start.


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Venturers Activities

Venturers is for young people between fourteen and a half and eighteen years old. The program is flexible allowing members to choose activities according to their own interests. A group of Venturers who meet together on a regular basis form what is called a "Unit". Unlike the other sections the running of a Venturer unit is very much up to the members themselves. They have to decide what they want to do and then plan the activities. The Adult leaders are there to advise and assist them. 

Venturing provides an attractive program of activities, self-government, leadership experience, companionship of their own age and helps to develop iniatitive and resourcefulness. By determining their own training needs it encourages young people to be self-motivating. The Venturer program advances through stages culminating in the Queen's Scout Award. Activities are planned to fit in with the following four development areas:

Community Involvement Citizenship, Environment , First Aid, Service
Part of becoming an adult is to develop an understanding of how our society operates at a local, state and national level. This area is broad and might involve study of institutions important in the community, the place of Scouting and other youth organisations in the community, the operation of government at all levels, road and boating safety, employment opportunities, Trade Unions and other professional bodies.

Adventurous Activities Expeditions, Outdoor , Initiative
Expeditions are an important part of the Venturer program and can involve hiking, canoeing, sailing or mountain biking. All expeditions must be an adventure into unfamiliar territory, require some considerable physical effort, planning, self-reliance and co-operation among the party. Remember 'Fail to prepare; prepare to fail'.

Personal Growth Expression, Lifestyle, Ideals, Pursuits
Expression - Within Venturers there is the scope to develop artistic appreciation and performance. This area might include visual arts (painting ,sculpture, film), performing arts (music and theatricals) and the literary arts (poetry, journalism)

Leadership Development Unit Management, Leadership Course, Vocations
The proportion of time devoted to each activity will depend on the preferences of the Unit Members but a well balance program will include activities from all areas.

Unit Council
The management body of the Venturers Unit is called the Unit Council. The Unit Council made up of elected Venturers with another Venturer as Chairperson. The Leaders attend in an advisory role.
The Unit Council is responsible for managing Unit affairs including preparation and running of the program of activities, the appointment of activity leaders, supervision of award scheme standards and general discipline. Meetings are held at least once a month. The Unit Council is also responsible for the initial drafting and annual review of the Unit Constitution. Venturers elected to the Unit Council will hold office until such time as the members of the Venturers Unit determine, but they should be rotated at least every 12 months including the chair.

A Scout that is ready to become a Venturer will be the focus of an advancement ceremony. Venturers don't stand much on ceremony but nevertheless there are a few important Venturer Scout ceremonies. The earning of milestone awards in the Award scheme is recognised during a formal parade which is another name for a simple opening and closing ceremony.



On my honour
I promise to do my best
To be true to my spiritual beliefs
To contribute to my community and our world 
To help other people
And to the live by the Scout Law 



Be respectful

Do what is right

Believe in myself

Venturers Helpful Bits

Weekly Meetings  7.00 - 9.00pm on Tuesdays



Tony Gustus, Barry Schafer, Bec Robinson and Carl Ould



Tony Gustus  0408 525 359



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