Warington Cub Pack

What are we doing next?

 Dear families and friends,

We have decided to start the school holidays early at Baden Powell Park.

Many families are seeking less contact with others as a way to mitigate their risk at this time.

Nothing is more important in Scouting than the welfare of our members, so there will be no section meetings or other Scouting activities until at least term two.

We will be monitoring the situation closely and will provide an update at the end of the holidays.

We are very disappointed - but we’re also excited to hear that Scouts Victoria is developing some ‘Scouting at home” kits.

Stand by for news on how we can keep doing Scout stuff despite the pandemic.

Take care.


Our planned activities coming up are listed here on our website calendar. Please check your weekly email updates any special instructions about where, when and what to bring.

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Warington Calendar

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Cubs Activities


We go on fun camps all over the state,

including Cuboree,


with over 2500 other Cubs.


We play fun games, learn new activities,

and make new friends.


and how could we forget to mention

all the exciting craft activities.

Construction Badges

and you get to earn badges for

doing it all.

Warington Helpful Bits

Weekly Meetings  7pm - 8.30pm on Mondays



Ned Files, Giles Willoughby, Carolyn Danaher, Kate Brockman, Sarah Weeks - Assisted by Liam Allars and Tyler Smith 



Ned Files  0419 155 321 

Email    warington@bpp.org.au


What does it cost?   Please click here to see current fees.


Where do the badges go?  Click here for the Cubs Badge Layout



On my honour
I promise to do my best
To be true to my spiritual beliefs
To contribute to my community and our world 
To help other people
And to the live by the Scout Law 



Be respectful

Do what is right

Believe in myself

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